Today, OBA Tradizione Futura is providing a complete service to his costumers, among which the initial proposal, design directions for the choice of the most appropriate product, the complete development of the production process along with the most suitable materials, in terms of the best cost-effectiveness. Then, the company manage also the tooling construction and the following parameters and procedures required for specific high-quality standards.

OBA Tradizione Futura latest commitment is the employment of new resources to enhance his design procedures, in order to improve the production lead time and the non-conformity detection.

  • The company effort can be summed up as per below:
  • Strong focus on staff training
  • Improvement of the internal quality management system
  • Appropriate instrumentation for control procedures
  • Technically advanced equipment

OBA Tradizione Futura is now making use of electronics applied to lighting, to make their accessories more and more attractive and performing. Actually the company is producing scuff plate kits with illuminated logo, powered only by external batteries, which are safe and easy to install.

OBA Tradizione Futura has the characteristic of being a family run business, which allows for a dynamic and immediate control over the entire production department and process management. Over the years, the company has built a network of specialized suppliers with which it has established a strong working relationship that allows to achieve results up to the most rigorous standards of the automotive industry in terms of performance, quality and safety.
In the same way, the management can count on a team that includes other family members responsible in various areas, together with employees with decades of experience that allow a continuous improvement of performance in all company sectors.

Actually OBA Tradizione Futura is working to adapt and expand its structure and organization and thus be able to meet the ever-increasing number of requests from car manufacturers all over the world.


The goal of OBA Tradizione Futura is to increase the number of its customers with a particular focus on car manufacturers. For this reason, the management decided to stop the production of items intended for the nautical market to concentrate all their resources on the development of new accessories for the Automotive market.
As far as the company quality system is concerned, continuous improvement actions are made for an ever greater guarantee of quality to the customer and greater safety in production processes.

In order to better serve the automotive OEM market, OBA Tradizione Futura is implementing specific procedures in order to achieve the necessary certifications that will allow her to join the direct supply of the car manufacturer’s plants.

In essence, OBA Tradizione Futura has absolutely no desire to stop but to continue to be present on the market, to develop new relationships with new customers and consolidate those with historical customers, providing a complete and always available service.


O.B.A. is founded. Thanks to his founder Adolfo Broccoli, through his experience, the company starts to produce car accessories for the aftermarket

O.B.A. make his first appearance in the European market, reaching relevant clients in France, Spain, Great Britain and Switzerland.

O.B.A. becomes well-known in Europe leading his brand at the same level of the main manufacturer of that time.

Thanks to the experience gained during the production of automotive steering wheels, O.B.A. starts to produce steering wheels for the marine market. In few years, some of the most important American manufacturers will become her clients.

O.B.A.’s commitment to safety brings to important investments, devolved to technical investigations on the material used for the production of its steering wheels. The results of this effort is the achievement of TÜV certification for steering wheel and hubs.

O.B.A. quality standards obtain acknowledgments from several car manufacturers, among which FIAT.
O.B.A. steering wheels are mounted on particular series of Fiat Tipo.

In order to improve his quality system, O.B.A. achieve the ISO 9002 certification.

Following the growth of the business, and the increasing number of projects with several car manufacturers (Mitsubishi, Toyota, Rover, Jaguar) which are requesting detailed specifications and procedures for their components, O.B.A. is improving further his quality system adapting to ISO 9001 standards.

Any O.B.A. department is now applying improved quality standards complying to ISO 9001:2000 certification.

O.B.A. srl changes its name in OBA Tradizione Futura srl: the owner and founder Adolfo Broccoli gives the direction of the company to his son, Giancarlo Broccoli, who along with his wife Claudia will continue with renewed enthusiasm the excellent work done in the past (OBA Tradizione) bringing the company towards new and future objectives (OBA Futura).

The commitment of Claudia in the company, lead to increase the possibilities of improvement under the environmental subject. The result is the achievement of the UNI EN 14001-2004 certification, which permits a better monitoring of the materials and processes that can harm the environment. The whole staff is putting his effort in the research of better ways to improve both processes and material choices.

Numerous investments are made in research and development of new technologies related to aluminium and stainless steel transformation processes, in order to achieve better products for the automotive sector. Due to this, OBA is now expanding his product range with accessories characterized by a modern and technological design, intended for several car manufacturers.
OBA Tradizione Futura has become leader in the production of sport and luxury aluminium pedals kits, aluminium scuff plates with logo, aluminium gear knobs and gear surrounds, aluminium rings and decoration trims for instrumentation, bumper plates, trunk entry guards and stainless steel exterior trims.

Giancarlo and Claudia’s sons join the company: David e Sara.
David, with a technical background, begins its training process on the design and project development.
Sara, after the achievement of the doctorate in statistics acquired in university studies, starts its career in the company’s quality management system.

OBA Tradizione Futura is continuously looking for new systems and technologies capable of improving the overall quality of the company, his efficiency and his cost structure.